Mother kissing baby's feet

Healthy Pregnancy: A Healthy Baby and a Healthy You

Preparing for a new baby can feel both exciting and overwhelming. Taking a few small steps to stay healthy can help you and baby both get off to a great start. 

Planning for your Pregnancy

  1. Before Pregnancy If possible, 3 months before becoming pregnant start to take a prenatal vitamin or a multivitamin with folic acid (after consulting your doctor)
  2. Within the first 12 weeks
    Schedule your first prenatal visit
  3. 3-6 weeks after baby arrives
    Have a postpartum check-up

Be sure to inform your doctor about any feelings of sadness or depression.

For every stage of pregnancy and beyond from the CDC


Receive Tips Along the Way

Expecting and new moms can receive valuable tips and reminders for a healthy pregnancy and baby by:

  • Texting text the word "baby" (or "bebe" to receive messages in Spanish) to 511411.
  • Clicking the image below