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To help you understand new regulations and how they apply to your self-funded benefits plan, HPI has developed Compliance Bulletins and other informational notices.

Be sure to check back periodically to stay informed of the most current updates.

PDF icon Compliance Update - Regulatory Affairs and Action Update (8/2021)

PDF icon Compliance FAQ - The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule (8/2021)

PDF icon Compliance FAQ - The No Surprises Act (8/2021)

PDF icon Compliance FAQ - Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) (8/2021)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast - Enhancements to MHPAEA; Continued Monitoring and Client Assistance (7/2021)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast - COVID-19 Waiver of Cost Share Update (6/2021)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast - Updated HPI COBRA Subsidy FAQ and IRS Bulletin 2021-31 (6/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - 2021 ARPA COBRA Subsidy Program Compliance Alert and Action Plan (4/2021)

PDF icon Compliance FAQ - COBRA Subsidy 2021 FAQ (4/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Update - Regulatory Affairs and Action Update (4/2021)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against COVID-19 (4/2021)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast -  Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts Under the American Rescue Plan Act (4/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Bulletin - 2021 American Rescue Plan Act COBRA Subsidy Deadlines for COBRA Actions under the CARES Act (3/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - No Surprises Act (3/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - New Enhancements to Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (3/2021)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - New Options for Medical Care Reimbursement and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (1/2021)


PDF icon
 Compliance Alert - Supreme Court Employment Discrimination Decision (8/2020)

PDF icon Compliance Bulletin: Optional Plan Changes Permitted under Newly Issued IRS Guidance (5/2020)

PDF icon Optional Plan Changes Checklist (5/2020)

Sample Attestation Required for Dropping Medical Coverage (5/2020)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - Pandemic-Related Deadline Extensions (5/2020)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - COVID-19 Update (4/2020)

PDF icon Revised Compliance Alert - The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (3/2020) (this replaces the Alert distributed on March 24, 2020)


PDF icon Compliance eBlast - Notice of Privacy Practice Reminder (12/2019) 



Compliance Alerts

PDF icon Compliance Alert: Federal Notice Requirements - IRS Guidance on Same-Sex Spouses (9/2013)

Model Notices

Health Insurance Marketplace Notice of Coverage Options

PDF icon Health Plans' 1-page modified model notice

PDF icon Health Plans' 3-page modified model notice

Group Health Plan Notice of Privacy Practices

PDF icon Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

PDF icon Aviso de prácticas de privacidad (NPP) en español


Compliance Bulletins

PDF icon Compliance Bulletin: Final Omnibus Rule (9/2013)


Compliance Toolkit

PDF icon Compliance Toolkit: Medicare Part D Electronic Notice Distribution

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